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Believable Books is the publishing imprint of author Ericka Clay and seeks to fill a very noticeable gap in the Christian publishing industry: raw, real stories with a redemptive element.


Christian Literature at Its Finest

Believable Books seeks to bring light to a dark literary world, with grace, hope and the redemptive love of Christ always at the core. Check out our current titles below.

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Work in Progress

You Once Were Darkness

Ericka’s latest work, You Once Were Darkness, is a fictional novel, due to be completed Summer of 2021.

The Believable Books Blog

Story is the greatest tool in leading others to Christ. We publish the testimonies of those who struggle through life, yet have found peace in Jesus.

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Giving Back

10% of the proceeds made on our books go to Christian organizations.


Latest Posts

  • My Friend Ericka
    There’s another Ericka Clay. I receive her emails from time to time (I suppose our email addresses are pretty close), and I’ve learned a lot about her. She’s from Chicago. She has a daughter. She’s African American and enjoys martial arts and drives a luxury sedan. She travels a lot and has her own personalContinue reading “My Friend Ericka”
  • New on Wattpad!
    My latest book, You Once Were Darkness, is a work-in-progress novel that I’m publishing on Wattpad. I add new chapter every Monday. This work will eventually be available in print and ebook formats, but if you’d like to get a head start, you can start reading it now! Subscribe below to receive updates on allContinue reading “New on Wattpad!”
  • The Black Hole of Bitterness
    It’s easy to not want to forgive. To slide feet first into the black hole of memory and bitterness. It’s punishing yourself, over and over again. People have theories about forgiveness, especially people who lack forgiving hearts. They see it as pardoning someone else, owing a horrible human being a favor because anyone who stepsContinue reading “The Black Hole of Bitterness”