Writing A Christian YA Novel

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God told me to start writing. I did. About five years later He finished what He told me to start (and also just started it all).

Anelthalien was my own imaginary world when I was little. I pretended I went to Anelthalien when I played outside.

As I got older, life became a place I didn’t really want to be. So I would go outside and still pretend and wish I was somewhere else, but instead of playing, I went to be with God. God listened, heard me, and was with me in Anelthalien. Anelthalien–my place to escape to God–filled up my head. I wanted to write about the fantasy world but could never write anything that captured the stories that seemed like a hazy mist just out of my reach. I knew more existed than the wisps I caught, but through high school, I could never fill in the gaps.

During college I almost forgot about Anelthalien, but near the end God reminded me of it, and I so much wanted to write about it. I just wanted to know the whole amazing story I knew hovered just outside of my grasp.

I tried to write the story. I failed.

One day while praying, God told me to just start writing from the beginning. I didn’t know the beginning, but I listened and God started telling me the story of Anelthalien from the beginning.

When the first book was done, I typed it. Then God let me know He had not told this story just for me. He wanted me to publish it.

I didn’t want to be an author, but my husband and I researched how to publish a book. God dropped Elm Hill into our path, and when I researched it, I knew it was the publishing company God wanted me to pursue. It cost so much, but God told me to not save up and that He would provide all at once in an amazing way.

About three years later He did. All at once God provided the finances for Anelthalien to be published.

The whole process–all the years of playing, praying, writing, and praying and trusting–showed me that Anelthalien wasn’t and isn’t about getting stuff done, or being a book, or even figuring out what God wants. It is and always was about just being with God and knowing He loves me.

Watch my videos of the story behind the story of Anelthalien on my YouTube channel “HAPruitt Anelthalien” to see even more ways God was so amazing during all that time.

H. A. Pruitt is the author of the Christian fantasy book Anelthalien. Anelthalien is a portal fantasy that readers say reminds them of The Chronicles of Narnia. Her mission in all she does is to listen to, obey, and glorify God. She has always enjoyed art, using her imagination, and writing and is enjoying God using those abilities to shape her into an author. Find out more about HAPruitt and Anelthalien at www.hapruitt.com or follow her on Instagram @hapruitt.

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