A Failproof Social Media Plan for Authors

I’m not to proud to admit that at one point in my writing career, I was focused on the numbers. Which is a bit of anomoly for us word nerds. I cared about my follower count and devising new and cutting edge ways to bring in as many people (and potential readers) as possible. AndContinue reading “A Failproof Social Media Plan for Authors”

Book Cover Reveal for A Violent Hope

It’s official! We worked with our Facebook street team to find the best cover for A Violent Hope, and here it is: In Winter 2020 it will be heading your way!

How Build an Author Street Team in 3 Easy Steps

Okay, let’s start witht the basics. What exactly is an author street team? It’s your tribe, your online (and sometimes, in-person) family. It’s the group of people who have watched you grow from a budding baby author to a full time go-getter who’s about to release their killer first novel. It’s those who support youContinue reading “How Build an Author Street Team in 3 Easy Steps”

Is Canva the Right Book Cover Designer for You?

I still remember the feel of being twelve and walking the aisles of Barnes and Noble. And no, I wasn’t a Twilight girl considering I’m–*cough*cough*–a little mature in years to have ever been a fan girl. But I do remember one particular cover with Carson McCullers (not a vampire but a celebrated American author) thatContinue reading “Is Canva the Right Book Cover Designer for You?”